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● I’m attracted to someone who doesn’t share my faith.

● I would like to go out with a fellow Christian, even though I’m too young to marry.

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(1 Timothy ) After all, how would you feel if the relationship had harmful consequences? To illustrate: Suppose a friend is diabetic and is secretly filling up on sweets.

What if you found out about it, but your friend begged you not to tell anyone?

’” Undue pressure from others can indeed be harmful.

(Song of Solomon 2:7) Therefore, at the initial stage of a relationship, some may well choose to be discreet.

Because of this, you’re more likely to fall into the trap of sexual immorality. And if deception is involved, you have good reason to be concerned. Indeed, “a false tongue” is listed prominently in the Bible among the things that he detests! Ending the Secrecy Certainly, you would do well to talk to your parents or a mature Christian adult about any secret relationship that you may be involved in.

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