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After our spontaneous threesome the other night, I was SO eager for the three of us to get together again! After a while, he asked her if she was down to play that night, and she said yes! But then you have to make a conscious effort to Move Forward. I was going down the AA path because I felt helpless and out of control – like a child.

This book goes into the details behind those perplexing behaviors, and much more. Lana came over, and we sat on the back porch and talked over cocktails, relaxing and catching up. He worked me over, grabbing my hair, spanking me, lavishing me with good, hard attention. I think when something bad happens to you, you should be allowed to freak the fuck out, or wallow in grief for a while. As I’ve struggled this year with my drinking, I’ve studied many teachings, including Alcoholics Anonymous, and Moderation Management.

Find safe spaces to bring them to light and address all the fascinating layers that make you the person you are.

Paul Gilmartin of the Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast always says, “All feelings are valid, there are just healthy and unhealthy ways of expressing it.” Don’t bury or suppress your feelings.

It’s a gift.” Another superpower is being forgiving. So often, our parents intentionally and unintentionally hurt us when we are children. Forgiving them of their flaws and mistakes is a huge gift to everyone involved.

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