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” so we trotted off to see an item that we had looked at 6 months earlier to see if it was any cheaper…. Considering some of the sneaky scams and blatant rip-offs around, I’m surprised the ACCC would even concern itself with something as mild and obvious as this. By definition you are walking in there to be ripped off.The items serve no functional purpose, so you are handing over money for items with no tangible value.

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And nothing says “I love you too” like a quick trip to Cash Converters to see if they’re good enough to get you what you really want.

Thank god Mr’s Sandman doesn’t fall for the superficial rock bullcrap.

I hope she would forgive me but I'm not a forgiving person myself & it's a horrible way to live.- M I want to fight I am a 23 year old female, I am a professional, and I really want to fight.

I think she likes me sometimes when I look up in class she's staring at me, she wants to hang around with me alot.

And Zamels will score some damage to reputation and probably have to pay lots of costs.

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