Naruto and sakura dating

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Sayuri on the other hand was blushing that he didn't understand any of the sexual activities in those books.

He even came to her house just to ask what the characters were doing from one of the pages in the orange book that he stole from Kakashi.

The reason we are strong is because Naruto uzumaki is the jinchuriki of the kyubi no yoko and Sayuri Uchiha the last Uchiha in the village is loyal to us.

If they start hating konoha the village will not only lose two great shinobi's but konoha will be at war with the other nations.

So now he can't buy flowers for Sayuri unless either her mother or father is the one attending the store. Sayuri was looking at Naruto and was thinking how he had become manlier and other stuff. Naruto looked confused but he did know what she meant after he was sweating bullets. My place has no fans and I don't think nayone is going to let me in, in their shops for some cooling and ichiraku is closed since they ran out of materials." Naruto said."Where else do you think baka my house of course.

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