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The fuselage nose section was built by Chrysler's Plymouth Division in Detroit.

It would be impossible to list all of the uses for DR's products.

There were so many, that they are not even all known.

The plants included in the production of the following parts were Anderson, IN; Bedford, IN; Kings Mill, OH; Muncie, IN; and Yellow Springs, OH.

No specifics are given below for the number of batteries produced by Muncie. During WWII (812,615) aircraft engines were produced. (60,000 ) complete sets of aluminum castings for the Allison V-1710 and V-3420 aircraft engines.

This historical treasure was saved for posterity and was photographed at the Madison County Historical Society's 2016 Delco-Remy display. The Army-Navy "E" Award was the most sought after award during WWII.

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