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I’m not the owner and just coming to the store embarrassed me.

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I would hope you would consider closing on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. She is going to have you losing business in this store. Reply Experience a very unhappy experience at your location .(7900 south Ashland Avenue Chicago, IL 60620.. There were boxes blocking each aisle, nothing was organized, and the 2 cashiers up at the front were talking so loud about their personal problems i could hear them at the back of the store. They said the owner is to cheap to hire more people that don’t make no sense when someone steal you want the employee to go to court for you .

I have receipt Transaction,at home that i will reach (later)However the goings on has (not let me do any purchasing within the store !! If I were working there an they don’t won’t to hire no one then if they come in there to steal then the owner would have to go to court because if they don’t want to hire extra people then they don’t give a dam about there employee they want you to kill yourself wild they sit on they a** an enjoy there money an you get kill about there little bit of money close the pick ng store if u can’t find someone or y’all do better Reply Hi!

, I went bank in the door the day after to purchase two new ,needed items.(bleach & White Vinger ) ,and was told to leave the store ,and not return !! Told me sut-up dammit 111 This not your binesniess ,you should mine your beniss . I said where is the manger, You don;t have to cuss at me ! I am here to complain about the Family Dollar Store in Cynthiana, Ky !

This Started about 3days earl-or(before) A lady had a purchase of Dove -Bar soap-bars.,as advertised on a sign in the eile . So ,a lady in the line used her phone in hopes of getting the coupons number ,in order to able the lady to speed up-the transaction he lady canceled the purchase. It is trashy clothes laying all over the floor , Items thrown every which way , Never no one to ask for help , The lady up front is always singing with her phone and dancing her name is Tammy ?

Family Dollar was founded in 1959 by Leon Levine, their first location was in Charlotte, NC.

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